Professional Development: Throw back Thursday Document viewer

Our wonderful Reading Recovery, Paul, shared not only a range of effective teaching strategies in reading and writing but a document viewer he unearthed that was purchased 8 years ago.  What a niffy piece of technology – I could see a range of in-class uses – a microscope, a way to explicitly show students how to edit a text, sharing exemplar student texts…..the list goes on.

A foundation of his discussion was the Marie Clay self extending system via the document reader.

A key question: is the self extending system applicable to teaching as inquiry?

Some key features that are common to both

  • self monitoring: in both areas learners must self monitor their knowledge and understanding.
  • searching: in both areas learners must search for meaning and information.
  • cross checking: in both areas learners must check validity of understanding and validity of information.

This was an interesting discussion that reiterates that the majority of teaching and learning strategies can be used in a range of contexts and a range of learning areas.  Great PD at Turaki.


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