Weekly reflection: Google Sites

As a teacher in a digital 1:1 iPad class a clear dilemma I encountered in term 1 was what Managed Learning System should I use to enable my students to access their learning?

Option 1:  Edmodo

An easy to use secure site that enables students to ask questions, access learning, engage in learning conversations and to provide feedback spontaneously to their peers and teacher.  My class loved the whole experience and I was greeted with “Are we allowed to use Facebook?  Is this Facebook?”.  As an educator, I found Edmodo easy to use and access.  I could provide links to google docs, websites and presentations.  I could even access built in apps and assignments.  Downside of a messaging type site: on the first day of use a small number of students used the site to post negative comments about a student.  However, the upside: a real moment of how to be a responsible digital citizen.  As a class, we developed a key understanding of what we post online stays online and we can’t always take back.

Option 2: A Google Class site

The internet is a great source of information, ideas, how to do it, images, videos and the list goes on.  I have found the powerful and inspiring work of the Pt England teachers and school to be a wonderful resource to implementing the google site approach to planning and using an online managed learning system.


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