Weekly Reflection: Standing up for Education

Last week at our week 4 staff meeting, the staff at my school voted on the Governments IES model for education.  It was awesome to break down the IES and what it means for teachers, schools, learners and our community as a staff and to really make sense of the options.  

The point that hits home for me is that the governments IES model seems to move the money further from the places where it can have the most effect.  It can be used to improve health care for learners, extra teacher aides to work directly with learners and teachers, to support learners with high needs, the list of possible ways to support achievement in schools for all learners.  

I can see how collaboration could be possible if teachers are supporting each other across schools but this is not the only way to support learners to progress.  I look forward to hearing how the rest of the country voted in regards to the governments educational policies.  


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