Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I am Louise.  I started this blog to document my journey of learning, creating, discovering, wonderment, puzzlement, enlightenment, silliness, ah ha moments (and a whole lot more) as I start my second year as a Provisonally Registered Teacher in the New Zealand education system.  I am interesting in developing my knowledge of using social media and digital technology to access and create multiple platforms for the development of learning and creation in myself and my students.  I will also blog about educational issues in the media focused on the New Zealand education system and globally as they arise.

I am new to blogging and see this blog space as a way I can “walk the talk” as I undertake a new journey in 2014 to introduce my class to student e portfolios (by way of student blogs) and more digital content.

As I am new to blogging, please feel free to comment and share useful information, sites, images etc.  I am truthful to the mantra – Learn, create, share.

Lastly, my opinions, ideas, and wonderings are my personal reflections and do not represent my employers.

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