Weekly reflection: Wevideo – Google Apps

Part of the Chromebook For Education 101 was to use the google app, Wevideo, to create a presentation about what what I know about Chromebooks so far.  TWevideo is an online video editing tool.  Users can sign up to a free account or serval paid versions.  There are  useful tips videos as you go and you can use a template or create your own video from scratch.  You can add video, images and text to slides.  Simple to use follow.

How can I use this in the class?

The best feature of this video maker is that users can collaborate on a shared project. Collaboration is a cornerstone of 21st century teaching .  Learners not only work together to create an artefact but they are given an opportunity to participate as equal partners in their education and the education of others.  This app has endless possibilities and the biggest draw card it that it can be used by learners to be creative in a range of ways.  One student may start a movie and then another student adds on to the video and so forth.  Or, students can be working on slides at the same time – redrafting/improving and editing as they go and making changes based on the work of others.  Also, this gives learners an opportunity to work together from multiple locations.  This app can remove the physical barrier of location and offer more mobility.  Very excited about giving this ago.

Weekly Reflection: Google App: Loupe

Finally back on track with my Introduction to ChromeBooks for Education 101.  This activity gave me an opportunity to ‘try out’ some awesome Google Apps for Education.  For this module, I tried a Google app and completed a review of the app.  Here is my review of the Loupe App.

The Loupe App is an online picture collage maker.  The app allows you to upload images from a range of sources; Facebook, Google+, Dropbox, Drive, Flickr & your desktop.  This app has a few unique features.  You can use 100’s of images in your collage &, the most exciting feature for me, you can make a collage in a variety of shapes and in text.  A bunch of awesomeness!  There is a free version, with the ability to download a low resolution copy of your image with a Loupe Logo and a Pro version  (paid) with the ability to download higher resolution copies and logo free copies.  There are a range of built in shapes and the function to create your own shapes.

How could this be used in a classroom?

I could see this be used by learners to create visual images of evidence of learning; identity posters; & to add to online presentations.

Take it or leave it?

I would definitely provide this app to my learners.  It provides learners with another opportunity to create an example of their learning.  It is free and the images can be downloaded.  I look forward to using this app with my learners.

Below is my ‘try’ – takes a few minutes tops to create.


On to the next phases of the course!