Weekly Reflection: Google Chrome Books

My ICT team leader made the announcement that it is quite possible that we will start 2014 with 2 Google Chrome Books per class.  So, ever the adventurer, I was very happy to see the Chromebook Course 101 group and discussion on the VLN.  Of course, I have registered and just spent the last 20 minutes completing the first activity:

Visit the YouTube channel for the Chromebook Classroom. Select one video based upon your interest, watch the video, and then prepare a short summary of your thoughts on the video and how it might apply to your classroom.. Share the video and your summary at the next staff meeting or in the teacher lounge at your school. (NETS-Teacher Standards: 1d, 3a, 3c, 5d)

My youtube clip

My summary:

Socrative is a web based tool available on any device that has a web browser – ipad, ipod, tablet, PC, laptop etc – that allows educators to interact with, hold discussions and make assessments of their learners.  Educators are given a Room that learners can access and complete quizzes, surveys, and games in real time.  Teachers can view assessment data and observe student progress (responses to quizzes for example) as they happen.  Best part: a quiz can be turned into a game that students can watch as the responses come in.

In my class?

I can see potentially using this for weekly quizzes – gather data for a statistics modelling session or gaining student feedback on a lesson, book, topic study etc.  I am also keen to use this as part of my flexible learning programs – more on those later when I get to the how.

Click here to access the Socrative home page and to register or find out more.

Mission: Activity 1 — completed.

The Chromebook 101 is self paced and not all time consuming.  I must admit I was pretty mute on what Chromebooks are and how they work so I am looking forward to completing the course.  Outcome for me: to know more than I did when I started and I am happy to report I am well on the way to knowing a bit more about the Chromebook.  Activity 2 here I come!