Weekly reflection: categories – what are these?

Categories.  Yes, it is clear I am new to blogging.  I have just discovered the ‘uncategorised’ category.  But, after using the ever helpful word press help section and this great article, I now have a better understanding of what these are and how I can use them.  I love the idea of the categories being the table of content and the tabs being the index.  I am sure I will use this to explain my reasoning to my learners.  

What does this mean for my teaching?

Well, it is clear I need to show my learners how to use these in their own blogs.  They are great to organise content – I can envision my learner’s blogs being some what like their bursting 1B5’s of yesteryear – full of awesome ‘stuff’ that must be categorised so I can make sense of it, the world can make sense of it and THEY can make sense of it.  More importantly, to make the sharing of their artefacts (all that good stuff) accessible, the content must be easily and clearly organised.  So, something else to consider as I start to develop a template for their student blogs/portfolios.

I have seen some really creative and organised student blogs and would love to hear from any teachers with tips about what has worked well in their own student blogs/portfolios.